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DYC Membership

The Diablo Yacht Club is Welcoming New Members!


Hello Delta Boaters!

Diablo Yacht Club is a legal entity organized under the laws of the State of California as a non-profit corporation.  The DYC  is an informal, family-oriented, cruising club devoted to the enjoyment of boating.  

Advantages of Yacht Club Membership:

DYC membership changes the nature of boating.  With a Yacht Club membership, boating becomes a social activity.  Enjoying exploration of the Delta with a group of fellow club members makes the experience much more rewarding.  We usually have a social event every month, depending on weather or other circumstances. 


Our cruising season begins in March and extends through October. It is very comforting to go out with a group if you are new to the Delta, particularly if the destination is a new or out-of-the-way club/marina.  If a channel is poorly marked, it's reassuring to follow someone in or have someone coach you in on the radio.  If you are new to the game, we can assign you a buddy boat - although we all monitor channels 16 or 68.  Many of our members have years of experience and can offer their expertise and advice as well.

This is a great way to become more familiar with the Delta and what it has to offer, as well as learn about things you may want to try in the future on your own!

Many destination locations have cafes, bars, or a restaurant where members can socialize in an informal setting.  Some of our cruises are “Themed Cruise-outs” such as Mardi Gras, Sock Hop , County Faire. We also enjoy playing games such as corn-hole, Bocce Ball, Ladders and others. It brings out the friendly competitive spirit in all of us. 

Club Membership Privileges: 

DYC is a member of the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association (PICYA), which includes more than 98 yacht clubs. By virtue of the Club’s affiliation with PICYA, your club membership card entitles you to guest privileges at any other yacht club around the Delta, Bay, on the West Coast, Mexico, and in fact in most places - around the world.  

Membership Fees:


$100 Initiation Fee (with application)

$150 Annual Fee


No Initiation Fee

$60 Annual Fee


No Initiation Fee

No Annual Fee

Prorated Annual Fees are due with the Initiation Fee at the time a membership application is submitted.  Members are required to attend at least three scheduled events each year to remain in good standing.  Additionally, members should be prepared to abide by the By-Laws of the Club and to accept certain minimum responsibilities, in exchange for the rights and privileges of membership, which include attendance at the Annual Meeting of the General Membership held in November.

Click Here for New Member Signup

Please note that online signup requires complete vessel information including CF/Doc numbers along with insurance policy information. The names of the two current DYC member sponsors is also required.